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Are you considering a remodeling project in the Grand Rapids area and only feel comfortable entrusting it to the area’s leader? Little Rock Homecrafters is a leader in remodeling in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Our core belief is that homes can be transformed with a renovation project that can turn your current house into your dream home. We are proud to be a family-centric team. We take on the smallest single-room remodel projects to large, complicated remodels.
One main objective is to consistently provide the homeowners we work with the absolute highest quality in remodeling and redesign services. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when you work with us you will find an experienced and highly professional team. We provide the highest quality products, top-of-the-line skillsets, customer service, and fair pricing to the homeowners we work with. We know the importance of working with a renovation company that guides you through the complex process of renovating a room.

​We are here to walk you through every step. That process starts when we work with you to build an initial plan that brings your vision of the room to life. The process continues as we begin work and continues during every step of the remodel. We are also here to answer questions. We take great value in the trust that homeowners give to us, and we know that open communication is a big part of that trust.

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Trust your Home Remodel to the Highest Skilled Experts

In addition to providing the finest quality work and materials, we take pride in staying on a timeline and a set budget. In our experience, one of the reasons homeowners choose us is because of our reputation for doing just that. That’s why our team works with only the top general contractors in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

​You have a life to live and any project will cause some minor disruptions in the usual daily flow of your home. However, our team is hyper-focused on making sure that we stick to the specific space that is being remodeled while being as “out of sight, out of mind” as possible while we work. We have earned the respect of past clients for doing just that and we are held in high esteem for doing great work with minimal disruption. 

Our team works together as a family of skilled experts. Each one of our contractors in Grand Rapids is hand-selected for their skills, experience and reputation. We take pride in the trust homeowners put in our hands, and that is why we trust only the best and most skilled. Because our experts have such a wealth of experience, they know exactly which manufacturers provide the highest-quality materials at reasonable prices. We are proud to represent the top manufacturers in the United States. From counter tops, to flooring, to lighting, to cabinetry and beyond, we only work with the best manufacturers because we believe you deserve the best. Homeowners will see the experience and professionalism of the team of general contractors in Grand Rapids has to offer. 

Kitchen and Bath Remodels Are Our Specialty

While we can provide any kind of home remodeling services to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, we are best known for our single-room renovations. Two rooms in the home that have greatly transitioned over the last decade are the kitchen and the bathroom. Many homeowners we work with come to use for a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. When we do a single-room reno, we work with your to take the vision you have in your head and use our skills and expertise to build it into a reality. Upgrading one room of your home through a remodel can greatly increase your home’s entire resale value, while also boosting your enjoyment of your overall home experience.

Additional Home Services

In addition to home remodeling, we also provide a variety of maintenance or home repair services to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Homes go through daily wear and tear, as it should be, and that’s why we have skilled home maintenance experts to work on those home needs.

If you are looking for a Handyman in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are here to help. Whether the project is as simple as a broken cabinet door or a more complex repair need, we are here to provide you with the top handyman services and work by top general contractors in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

This type of work is our passion. Enjoying where you live is so important. Getting the chance to choose a unique design and decide on certain touches goes a long way. It’s the little things that bring out the life in any home and we know that. We truly want the best for our customers and we know providing a new, favorite room can actually be life changing. Please reach out to us if any of this resonates with you. We want to be a part of your home renovation journey!

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