Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Your bathroom should be a relaxing, cozy retreat in your home. Many homeowners don’t place a priority on having a great bathroom, but it is a room used every day. Instead, they live with an outdated bathroom that has issues such as limited cabinet space or a too-small tub/shower combo left over from dated bathroom style. Today’s modern bathroom can be designed to be a mini-retreat, a sanctuary in your home.

We have successfully done hundreds of bathroom remodels in the Grand Rapids area. We take pride in transforming outdated bathrooms into sterling, modern rooms that provide relaxation. After we consult with homeowners on the upgrades and changes they are looking to make in their bathroom, our team comes up with a unique plan tailored to the space and modifications that will transform their bathrooms. 

Our team of highly skilled professionals can transform your boring old bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. We find that many times the need for remodeling or updates to the bathroom simply comes from the old design style that saw bathrooms as merely a functional room, designed with a “cookie cutter” look. Our team works to make sure we build your dream bathroom. From beautiful countertops and cabinetry, to a sterling new bath area, to modern lighting fixtures that set a calming tone, we can make your bathroom one of the most relaxing rooms in your home! Additionally, remodeling your bathroom immediately increased the resale value of your home. ​A bathroom remodel will provide you with a better space, but it is also will create the opportunity for excellent return on investment. Many homebuyers see outdated bathrooms as a deal breaker, knowing they will have to immediately start doing work to upgrade the bathroom to their needs. A bathroom remodel in your Grand Rapids home is a great opportunity for you currently, and an investment in your home’s future resale value. 

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Consider a Partial Bathroom Remodel

We also do partial bathroom remodels in the Grand Rapids area. A simple remodel of one area of the bathroom can transition it into a luxurious paradise of relaxation and luxury. For example, many homeowners simply want to replace their old, outdated shower/tub combo with a gorgeous step-in shower and an oversized garden tub that they can truly soak away the stressors of the day in their own world of relaxation. Combining a step-in shower and garden tub with modern light fixtures that provide a soft light scape is just one way to take your bathroom from a functional room to a mini getaway in your home. Another example of a partial bathroom redesign involves storage areas. Many outdated bathrooms don’t take full advantage of the room’s design. They have small cabinets and closets that make the bathroom feel stuffy and overcrowded. We can do a kitchen redesign focused on cabinetry and creating more storage space while installing gorgeous new countertops. These are just two examples of partial bathroom remodels. And let’s not forget, we are capable for renovating any room in your home.

We Don’t Just Work for You, We Work With You

When you choose Grand Rapids Homecrafters for your home or bathroom remodel in Grand Rapids, you’re getting a partner, not just a remodeling company. One of our top priorities is to make sure homeowners feel that they are a part of the process every step of the way. We provide consistent updates to homeowners, keeping them in the loop through the remodel or redesign. We assist you in every stage of the project, from the initial design planning to the final walk-through.Home

We know that you aren’t simply giving us the opportunity for a bathroom remodeling project in your home; you’re giving us your trust. That is something we don’t take lightly. If you’re ready to turn your bathroom into a mini-sanctuary for relaxation, get in touch with us today. One of our highly skilled team members will speak with you to start laying the foundation to build the bathroom of your dreams!