We Cover Any and All Rooms in Your Home

Homeowners choose Grand Rapids Homecrafters because we have the experience and skills to remodel or redesign any room in the house. Many smaller rooms often are outdated or not optimized to be as useful as they could be. Homeowners trust us to remodel these niche rooms because they add value to the home and increase the home’s overall usability. Some examples include:
• Basement Finishing or Remodeling. An unfinished basement or a finished one that is outdated is wasted space that could be remodeled to instantly upgrade your home’s value, not to mention increase the living space for you and your family. Our team will work with you to evaluate your current basement’s space and functionality. Then, we will work with you to create a custom plan to transform your basement to reach its full potential. That could mean remodeling the basement to add a new bedroom, a family room, even a man cave or workspace. No matter your vision for your home’s basement, we have the skills and experience to transform it into the basement you want. We are proud to be a leader in basement remodeling and basement finishing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
• Laundry Rooms. We have done many remodels of laundry rooms that involve taking a functional, basic space and transforming it to maximize the room’s potential. Many laundry rooms are outdated and a simple remodel can make them a room you may actually enjoy doing laundry in. For example, the addition of a stacked washer/dryer combo opens up space for a table designed for in-room folding. Overhead shelving or cabinets also creates more space and eliminated clutter. 
​• Custom Cabinetry. Many homeowners turn to us for custom cabinets in the Grand Rapids area. Custom cabinets are a great addition because they can be tailored to fix your family’s exact storage and access needs. 

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We Can Install New Rooms You May Have Always Wanted

• Home Offices. With many jobs transitioning to being full or partly done remote, a home office addition or remodel is a great way to increase your home’s resale value or give you space to concentrate on work without interruptions. We have done many custom home office remodels or redesigns to maximize space. For example, a guest room can be remodeled to co-exist as a part home office. We work with our clients to create custom plans to build exactly what they picture for their office.
• Sunrooms. Whether you have a sunroom that isn’t used to capacity or want to remodel a part of your outdoor space into a sunroom, our team will build a room that is both relaxing and functional. A sunroom is a great addition to any home, allowing your family to enjoy the weather while simultaneously highly boosting home value.

If any of these room ideas catch your eye or if you have a unique idea of your own, please call us or fill out or contact form!